Zanzibar Women’s Day 2017

26 August -27 August 2017
11 AM to 6 PM

Zanzibar Women’s day is arranged as a non-profit project. The idea behind the project is to bring awareness to the multiple projects that are dealing with supporting the women of Zanzibar in terms of Women’s rights, Music, Art, Culture and Education.

We are following three goals:

1. To show the women of south region the various options in the area to improve their situations and to help them knowing about where to get support in becoming more independent, to express themselves in many different ways and increase their knowledge and education
2. To give exposure to these projects to a big and diverse audience, both local and foreigners in order to create awareness and giving them possibility to gain funds and support to keep the work up
3. To create discussions and possible partnerships as different projects are getting together in one place and have the chance to exchange their ideas and experiences

The Zanzibar Women’s Day is supposed to feature many things, starting from speeches of officials and successful female entrepreneurs to share their experiences and get to know about their ways and achievements, music and dance shows of female groups preferably from the area, exhibition with the projects of the area where they can present their projects, space for open market where women can sell their artworks, handcraft or fashion. There should also be space for food stalls.

Everybody is welcome to join!

Coco Blue  Zanzibar
Jambiani road
Zanzibar Tanzania