Fed Safaris

Stewart Orison Shuma and Emanuel Orison Shuma are born in the 1970’s, on the slopes of Kilimanjaro Mountains, the roof of Africa. They ended their studies about Wildlife Management in the 1990’s in Arusha and since then, they are very experienced and appreciated drivers and guides in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. They work for many companies.

That’s why they decided to open their own first safari’s company in 2013 to share their experience about Wildlife. The company is located in Arusha, one of the most famous touristic zones in Tanzania, situated in the north of the country.

Céline Van Leer, a Belgian woman born in 1984 in Brussels, decided to join the same adventure and provides her management skills and her passion for animals to travellers who want a unique and extraordinary experience in Wildlife.

This new company also collaborates with other well experienced tour guides/drivers/workers from the tourism industry in order to offer to travellers safaris and tours as diverse as possible in Tanzania: climbing mountains, trekking safaris, 4×4 safaris, fishing, canoe safaris, culture tours, bicycle safaris, balloon safaris, transfers and many more. To offer the best to clients and follow their needs, the company stays open and awaits any suggestions.


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