Dar Swahili cultural tours.

Having being named the biggest cosmopolitan city in East Africa, Dar is home for diverse culture and ethnicity,Moreover 70%of this population is highly influenced by a swahili culture ways of living .
Being that swahili culture is the fusion of bantu (Native African) and the middle east countries influences i.e. Arabs,Persia,Portuguese and India.
Get acquainted with localsin dar es salaam humble back streets, get the idea of Africa social skills by interacting with locals,learn one or two Swahili vocabularies and phrases,get a taste of variety of swahili cuisines and snacks including Swahili spice tea with chapati or vitumbua(rice bread) for who are gluten free, Get to try Swahili coffee (kahawa na kashata) in the streets like makumbusho, mikocheni A, Tandale, Magomeni, manzese and mburahati. For a price of 40$ by a  bajaj per person. +255788027086.