Dar Es Salaam Zoo

Dar Es Salaam Zoo is a zoological park in Dar es SalaamTanzania. The zoo is located in the Kigamboni-district in the eastern part of the city, 37 kilometers from Downtown Dar es Salaam.  The Dar es Salaam Zoo is best known for having many animals endemic to Tanzania, including but not limited to giraffes, zebras, crocodiles, antelopes, tortoises, gazelles, monkeys, hyenas, lions, leopards, snakes, and several species of birds. There is also a kids’ zone with slides, swings and jungle-gyms.


DAR ES SALAAM ZOO is located 37 km from Dar es Salaam city centre. Going there one should take the kilwa road, then kongowe-mjimwema road at kongowe and then taking kibada/mwasonga road at kibada through the 9 kms moram road. Alternatively one can take kigamboni ? mjimwema road and then Mjimwema- kongowe road up to kibada then turn left 9kms moram road to Dar es salaam zoo, this is the shortest route which is 23 km from the Kigamboni ferry Dar es Salaam.