Dar es salaam is third fastest growing city in Africa, while its ninth growing in the world, Nevertheless is major commercial hub of the country. If its traced back in 1860s was formerly known as ‘’Mzizima village’’ while its villagers were fisherman.

The current name came due to Sultan Sayyid Majid, A son of leading merchant of slave trade in Zanzibar Sultan Seyyid Sayyid, After intended to looking for the best place to relax fortunately he arrived here and decided to rename Dar es salaam which means The (Heaven of peace) in 1862.


Old Boma(1860)is most oldest building in Dar es salaam.

A Death of the Sultan in 1870s made Dar to breakdown for years but then, Germany East Africa Company revived it in 1887. During Germany colonial rule there were a lots of new architecture influence which is still existing around the city centre, Moreover the shady providing by trees in city centre is because of Germany effort thus Botanical garden was started.


Ocean Road/Cancer Hospital built(1887) by Germany for European officials.

The Defeated of Germany East Africa Company by British during the WW1 paved the way to protectorate order from UN. The new name was born from been Germany East Africa Company to (Tanganyika) by the time presented mainland of Tanzania before the union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar which now is United Republic of Tanzania.


Askari monument erected by British rule for commemorate African fallen soldiers of WW1.

Furthermore the Indians came here official in 1930 as government official, and traders although back in history its examined they arrived in Zanzibar in 1824 as merchants whose expanded themselves to the mainland for business purpose, Its believed the first Indian to come into Zanzibar was Karimjee. Notably while you talk a walk to Indian neighbourhood will prove how taste of the city it is include the architecture based in 1930s onward, and spicy delicious food.

The Artefact of Dar is mixed with a lot influence from out boundaries, just imagine how beautiful to hear the history and to observe difference styles of buildings which dated from 1860s to present time as well as to experience the source of unique of the Dar es salaam city on the tour.!!!


Nyumba ya mayai(House of eggs) one of very popular building after independence. It believed that “most of Tanzanian first experience elevator in this building”.


Dar es salaam/Ferry Fish market into city centre.

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***Refreshment at Indian restaurant

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