Brilliant Customer Service Workshop-March 2017-Serena Hotel


Type of event: Conferences & Seminar
16-03-2017 – 17-03-2017 | Dar Es Salaam
Event Start Date: 16-03-2017 08:30
Event End Date: 17-03-2017 16:30


Many businesses focus on increasing profits by spending a lot of resources putting up billboards, radio and TV adverts promoting their brands, highlighting their positive attributes without realizing that their existence depends on customer satisfaction. It is essential to have a proper capacity building on those who are central in providing services to customers so that they can acquire the techniques of delivering world class customer service.

What is good customer service? How can it go from good to great? What are the pitfalls that many people experience when trying to deliver brilliant customer service? Do attitudes count? What is the best way to handle difficult customers? What techniques can be used to reduce customer service related stress?

Find out the answers to these and other important customer service questions during this information packed training session. Participants will learn what exceptional service is, how to project a customer friendly image, how to handle demanding customers and more.

Workshop Objectives
By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
– Understand customer service and its importance in a competitive environment.
– Relate personal Attitude to customer service
– Practice the techniques of managing customer expectations and delighting customers.
– Deliver better, faster service and increase customer satisfaction.
– Recognize the signals of customer irritation and how to respond appropriately and assist in quickly finding a workable solution to their customer’s problem.
– Implement strategies for service recovery aimed at regaining customer loyalty.
– Implement strategies to eliminate stress, manage time & improve productivity
– Learn how to building lasting customer relations for business growth

Who Should Attend
Customer service representatives, front office staff, sales agents, call centre agents, technical and support personnel, field service representatives, account executives, admin officers, cashiers, credit and billing specialists, business owners – as well as managers who want to refresh their customer service skills in order to reinforce their skills and train their staff.

Location / Direction:
Dar Es Salaam
Ilala, Upanga Mashariki
Venue: Dar es Salaam Serena Hotel, Ohio Street, Dar es Salaam